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Meet the Troyer family!

Kenneth and Sharon Troyer;  Vincent; Victoria, married to Javan Stelfox; Dwight; Thelma; Caroline; Kendra, and Cameron.  


Kenneth and Sharon are the owners of Troyer's Fruit & Produce Farm.  Having lived in the beautiful Shenandoah Valley for the majority of their lives, they love the view of Humpback Rock off the Blue Ridge Parkway right from their dining room table!  Since Kenneth grew up on a dairy farm and began milking cows at the young age of ten, he transitioned to produce farming in 2008. 

It started a few years before that, though.  In 1999, they started selling extra sweet corn and pumpkins beside the road with an honor system.  Interests have changed since then.

Currently, Troyers Fruit & Produce Farm consists of a Pick-Your-Own Strawberry Patch, Pick-Your-Own Pumpkin patch, Corn Maze,  and lots of sweet corn and tomatoes. In fact, they like to keep the whole selection you may grow in your own garden, plus peaches, blueberries and and blackberries!

The Troyers have been blessed with seven children.  That has impacted their love for family fun activities and opportunities to enjoy life together as a family. They love families, big and little people, enjoying the delights of finding berries hidden under the leaves, or finding the perfect pumpkin to decorate your front porch!  

Their oldest daughter, Victoria and her husband, Javan, live in Pennsylvania. They have been blessed with their first child, Fletcher.  Take a look at our new logo to see some of Victoria's creativity and design.  Their two oldest sons, Vincent and Dwight are an amazing asset to the farm.  Vincent is also involved in a Christian School in Madison County, but his presence on the farm during those busy Summer months is a present! Dwight literally keeps the farm running, mechanically. Dwight's wife, Melora, helps out where is needed.  Thelma helps out on the farm as her schedule allows. They wouldn't want to do without Caroline, Kendra and Cameron.  They help in the fields, the store, and even in the house to keep the rest  of the "farmers" refreshed  and re-energized . It may be a drink of pink lemonade with blackberry juice (from the farm) or some ice cold sweet tea!  Both are hard to beat on hot summer days! 

When they aren't engaged in farm work, you may find them relaxing in their  Air Conditioned (thank GOD) living room, playing music or singing, hunting or fishing, or even enjoying delightful foods from their fields. Good food is a family tradition they hope to share with you, either by exchanging recipes and tips on how to cook the freshness of Summer or simply enjoying the unadulterated flavor of fresh, sweetness provided for you in season!

Come on out and enjoy the farm!  They love to hear customers comments like,  "We come so often we feel like we own this farm!"  Or hearing that children ask to visit the farm, is a pleasure to them all. They value you as customers, but much prefer to label you as friends!  So come on out!  Enjoy their  farm!  Enjoy your family!​

"Lo, Children are an heritage of the Lord." Psalm 127;3

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