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Strawberry picking usually begins in May. Picking your own berries

ensures that no one else has handled your fruit and you get the

berries you like. Strawberries can be frozen so you can enjoy them all winter! Strawberry preserves are still our favorite. Hint: Freezer jam is the best!

Prices- Pick your own: $2.99/lb Pre-picked: $4.29/lb


Blackberry picking usually begins mid-June through July. We have several varieties to help spread out the season. Blackberries freeze well and so many things can be made with them. Did you know they go well with peaches? They go well with other fruits to make colorful foods that your friends will enjoy.


PYO pumpkins are available from mid-September through October. We grow  different varieties and have them mixed throughout the field so when you go to get your perfect pumpkins, there is a beautiful selection to chose from. Sizes are from large to small. Sprinkle in a few gourds to add those finishing touches to your display. We also have a 10 acre corn maze for you to enjoy. 

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