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Coming to the farm during PYO season is an exciting time of the year. There is so much to experience in picking your own fruit. This year it will be a little different with COVID-19 Procedures.


When you get to the farm you will check in to get your picking containers. After getting your picking containers you will be directed to the field to show you where to go. We use a flag system in the strawberry field. Go to the flag to start picking. This is where the last person stopped picking and you should have good picking beyond that point. Move the flag when you are finished picking to where you stopped picking, so that the next person knows where to start. 

Following our instructions of where to pick will help you have a productive picking time. After you have picked the amount you want, take them to one of the scales and weigh your fruit and then you purchase them.


Picking tips- When picking move the leaves around to find the strawberries. You won't hurt the plant. There are many berries hiding under the leaves. Actually there are more on the inside than what you can see on the outside. Another tip especially towards the end of the season the berries can be very close to the ground at the edge of the plastic. Another thing to make the berries pick easier is if you turn the berry sideways and then pull it, makes so that it comes off the stem much easier. 

Please take good care of your fruit, don't be shaking the containers or setting other containers on top of your berries. Don't let the fruit sit in direct sunlight because this  will make so they won't last long after you get them home. Keep your fruits cool and enjoy them daily when they are in season. Come out and experience the rewards (fruit) of farm life.

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